Lau Khim Heng


PhD (Oxford University, UK)


Telephone: (+603) 5514 6000, ext:46097 (DID: 5514 6097)
Room number: 4-8-36 (Building 4, Level 8, No. 36)

Microanalysis of biological materials' and 'Environmental Health

Karney, G. B., Butler, P. G., Scourse, J. D., Richardson, C. A., Lau, K. H., Czernuszka, J. T., Grovenor, C. R. M. (2011). Identification of growth increments in the shell of the bivalve mollusk Artica islandica using backscattered electron imaging, Journal of Microscopy-Oxford, 241(1), 29.

Lau, K. H., Christlieb, M., Schröder, M., Sheldon, H., Harris, A. L., Grovenor, C. R. M., (2010). Development of a new bimodal imaging methodology: A combination of fluorescence microscopy and high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry. Journal of Microscopy-Oxford, 240(1), 21.