Song Beng Kah

Senior Lecturer

PhD (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)

Telephone: (+603) 5514 6000, ext: 46119 (DID: 5514 6119) Fax: (+603) 5514 6364
Room number: 4-8-18 (Building 4, Level 8, No. 18)

Next generation sequencing based genetics, genomics, transcriptomics and population studies of plant species (i.e. rice, medicinal plants); molecular evolution, genome analysis of plant and protozoan parasites; comparative genomics as a tool for plant improvement.

Selected Journal Papers

Cheronie Shely Stanis, Beng Kah Song, Tock Hing Chua, Yee Ling Lau, Jenarun Jelip. 2015. Evaluation of New Multiplex PCR Primers for the Identification of Plasmodium Species Found in Sabah. Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences. DOI: 10.3906/sag-1411-114.

Soon Li, Lee; Tam, Cai Lian; Song, Beng Kah; Neik, Tina. 2015. The mediating role of depressive symptom severity in the relationship between Obsessive-compulsive disorder and Quality of Life. Asian Social Science 11(1): 97-102.

Song, Beng-Kah*; Chuah, Tse-Seng; Tam, Sheh-May; Olsen, Kenneth M. 2014. Malaysian weedy rice shows its true stripes: wild Oryza and elite rice cultivars shape agricultural weed evolution in Southeast Asia. Molecular Ecology 23: 5003–5017.

Chong, Y.V., Chua T.H. and Song B.K. 2014. Genetic variations of Chrysomya megacephala populations in Malaysia (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Advances in Entomology 2(1): 49-56.

Song, B.K.*, Pan, M.Z., Blake, D. & Wan, K.L. 2014. Sequence analysis of the PIP5K locus in Eimeria maxima provides further evidence for eimerian genome plasticity and segmental organization. Genetics and Molecular Research 13(3): 5803-5814. 

Edi Sudianto, Song Beng-Kah, Neik Ting-Xiang, Nestor E. Saldain, Robert C. Scott, and Nilda R. Burgos (2013) , Clearfield® rice: Its development, success, and key challenges on a global perspective, Crop Protection, 49: 40-51.

Yee-Song Law, Ranganath Gudimella, Beng-Kah Song, Wickneswari Ratnam and Jennifer Ann Harikrishna (2012), Molecular Characterization and Comparative Sequence Analysis of Defense-Related Gene, Oryza rufipogon Receptor-Like Protein Kinase 1, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 13: 9343-9362

Goh, M.Y., Pan, M.Z., Blake, D., Wan, K.L. & Song, B.K.* 2011. Eimeria maxima phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase: locus sequencing, characterization and cross-phylum comparison. Parasitology Research108(3): 611–620.

Song, B.K.*, Waugh, R., Marshall, D., Nadarajah, K. & Wickneswari, R. 2011. Comparative physical mapping using overgo-tagged site reveals strong conservation of synteny between cultivated and common wild rice in the 1.2Mb yld1.1 region. Asia Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 19(4): 157 -168.

Chua, T.H., Song, B.K. & Chong, Y.V. 2010. Development of allele-specific SNP-based PCR markers in cytochrome oxidase I (COI) for the differentiation of Bactrocera payaye and B. carambolae (Diptera: Tephritidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 103(6): 1994-1999.

Song, B.K.*, Hein, I., Druka, A., Waugh, R., Marshall, D., Nadarajah, K., Yap, S.J., & Wickneswari, R. 2009. The 172-kb genomic DNA region of the O. rufipogon yld1.1 locus: comparative sequence analysis with O. sativa ssp. japonica, and O. sativa ssp. indica. Functional & Integrative Genomics 9: 97–108. 

Song, B.K.*, Nadarajah, K. & Wickneswari, R. 2007. A non-redundant strategy for identification of a minimum tiling path BAC contig spanning approximately 390 kb of the QTL yld1.1 in Oryza rufipogon. Korean Journal of Genetics 29(4): 447-458. 

Song, B.K.*, Nadarajah, K., Romanov, M.N. & Wickneswari, R. 2005. Cross-species bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library screening via overgo-based hybridization and BAC-contig mapping of a yield enhancement quantitative trait locus (QTL) yld1.1 in the Malaysian wild rice Oryza rufipogon. Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 10(3): 425-437.

Song, B.K., Mahani, M.C., Wickneswari, R. & Normah, M.N. 2000. Genetic relatedness among Lansium domesticum accessions using RAPD markers. Annals of Botany 86: 299-307.

Molecular genetics

PhD Students (Present)

  1. Urszula Krzeminska (Co-supervisor)
  2. Gopal Ji Tawari (Co-supervisor)
  3. Mohana Eswari Ragu (Co-supervisor)

PhD Students (Completed)

  1. Girija Thiruvengadam  (Co-supervisor) 

Masters (Present)

  1. Ong Poh Teck (Co-supervisor)

Masters (Completed)

  1. Lee Sau Peng
  2. Puviarasi Meganathan 

Honours Students (Completed)

  1. Sara Jane Chiu Soo Hoon
  2. Charlene Priscilla Poore 
  3. Goh Mei Yen 
  4. Shabnam Zaman
  5. Tang Mun Yen
  6. Edi Sudianto
  7. Chai Jing Yun
  8. Tan Seow Yeen
  9. Low Min Yang
  10. Kanagesswari Muniandy (Co-supervisor)
  11. Farooq Omar Maan Al-Ajli (Co-supervisor)
  • Reviewer for international journals such as Scientific Reports, PLOS ONE, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, Annals of Applied Biology, Journal of Heredity, African Journal of Biotechnology, Sains Malaysiana, Malayan Nature Journal, and Journal of Health and Translational Medicine.
  • Member of Genetics Society of Malaysia, Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology