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Telephone: (+603) 5514 6000, ext. 45674 (DID: 5514 5674)
Room number: 4-8-01C (Building 4, Level 8, No. 1C)

Nature employs self-assembly and self-organisation processes to produce thermodynamically stable structures at the cellular and sub-cellular levels from smaller components. My groups research research focuses on developing these concepts and a series of simple molecular building blocks, namely porphyrins, naphthalene diimides and peptide nucleic acids to form functioning systems using a non-covalent approach. Quite often, my group attempts to mimic macroscopic function at the nanometer scale. A number of recent examples from our laboratory are based around energy transduction devices, photosynthetic mimics, molecular based logic and switching devices, fluorescent rotors, light harvesting systems, time pieces, containers and nanobots. I currently have over 3500 citations and a h-index of 31. 

Supramolecular materials with robust and tunable channels constructed from tin porphyrin phenolates, S. Wang, C. Forsyth, S.J. Langford CrystEngComm, 2015, 17, 3060-3063. 

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Superhydrophobic and Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Cotton, S. Afzal, W.A. Daoud, S.J. 
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Adsorption Characterization of Ca2+, Na+ and K+ on Irradiation of Cross-linked Carboxymethyl Sago Pulp Hydrogel V. Pushpamalar, S.J. Langford, M. Ahmad, K. Hashim, Y.Y. Lim J. App. Poly. Sci. 2013, 128, 1828-1833.

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Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Fluorescent Molecules, Sensors, Photosynthetic Mimickry.


Chemistry, The Central Science – A Broad Perspective, 3rd Ed T.L. Brown, H.E. LeMay, B.E. Bursten, K. Murphy, S.J. Langford, D. Sagatys, A. George, Pearson Ed., 2013, 3rd Edition, 1323 pages. 

Book Chapter

1. Biologically Derived Supramolecular Materials S.J. Langford, M.J. Latter, B.E. Wilman and S.V. Bhosale In Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecules to Nanomaterials, J.W. Steed and P.A. Gale (eds). John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester, UK, pp 3647-3668, 2012. 

2. Nanostructured Materials based on Core-Substituted Naphthalene Diimides S.V. Bhosale, S.J. Langford, B.E. Wilman In Molecules at Work, Wiley VCH 2012, Chapter 5, pp 97-111
 ISBN: 978-3527-33093-5

3. Naphthalene Diimide Based Photovoltaics S. Maniam, H.F. Higginbotham, TDM Bell, S.J. Langford In Naphthalene Diimide and its Congeners, From Molecules to Materials, Ed D. Panos. Royal Society of Chemistry 2014. ISBN: 978-1-849-73922-1 

1992 Le Fevre Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 

1992 RACI Feutrill Award 

1993 Eleanor Sophia Woods Travelling Scholarship Ramsay Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship (1993-1995) 

Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (1996-1998) 

Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Organic Lectureship for Recently Appointed Staff (2002) 

2005 Dean's Excellence in Science Teaching Award 

2006 Young Investigator Award - Society of Porphyrins and Pthalocyanines 

2006 OLTC Carrick Citation, 2006: The citation reads: For engaging students with the world of chemistry through inspirational teaching, and displaying leadership in responding to the national needs of chemical science education 

2006 Royal Australian Chemical Institute Centenary of Federation Teaching Award

PhD Students (Present)

1. Dilusha Cooray - Novel conducting polymers in the electrochemical application of 3D enzyme electrodes

2. Rosalind Cox - Studying studying the photophysical properties of, and the mechanisms involved in, novel naphthalene diimide based chemosensors

3. Brenton Graystone - Investigating the reactions and interactions of single molecules through the use of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy

4. Heather Higginbotham - Substituted amino naphthalene diimides for use as organic dyes in spectroscopic and biological applications

5. Ke Xin Tan - Synthesis and photo-physical studies of porphyrin arrays

6. Tina Hsia - Supramolecular chemistry, anion binding receptors using porphyrin and naphthalene as building blocks

7. Shuang Wang - Study of porphyrin based molecular receptors for host-guest chemistry 

8. Nicholas Young - NDI based macrocycles as fluoride sensors via anion-pi interactions.


PhD Students (Completed)

1. Shabana Afzal - Exploring the use of dye-sensitisation by visible light and the lotus effect as new approaches to self-cleaning textiles. PhD 2013.

2. Norman Becker - Preparation and Investigation of porous crosslinked polysaccharides incorporating solvent based emulsions and microemulsions. MSc 2007.

3. Karen Bromfield - Approaches toward factor Xa inhibition. PhD 2005.

4. Irwin Cheah - Antisense peptide nucleic acids as therapeutic agents for the treatment of neurodegeneration. PhD 2006.

5. Brenton Graystone - Synthesis and spectroscopic evaluation of napthalene diimides as molecular dyes. MSc 2012.

6. Chintan Jani - Exploring fluorescence and supramolecular properties of core-substituted naphthalene diimides. PhD 2008.

7. Corrine Kluvers - Carbohydrate approaches to delivering therapeutic agents across the blood brain barrier. PhD 2013.

8. Vei-Lin Lau - The design and synthesis of porphyrin-appended crown ether systems. PhD 2004.

9. Marcia Lee - Molecular assemblies and supramolecular arrays based on naphthalene diimides and Sn(IV)porphyrin phenolates. PhD 2004.

10. Katrina Lee - The use of covalent and non-covalent strategies towards understanding the factors governing electron transfer processes in multichromophoric arrays. PhD 2009.

11. Janelle Lim - Structure and spectroscopy of the malarial pigment, haemozoin and model porphyrins. MSc 2003.

12. Kathy Macfarlane - Small molecules & peptide nucleic acids for the treatment and prevention of neurodegeneration. PhD 2004.

13. Victoria McCarl - Structural and functional studies of nitrilases from Arabidopsis Thaliana. PhD 2007.

14. Amy Mulholland - Synthetic strategies towards covalently linked multiporphyrin arrays. PhD 2012.

15. Shadi Rivadehi - The design and synthesis of extended conjugated systems. PhD 2012.

16.  Solmaz Tubafard - Development of bis(tridentate) ruthenium(II) complexes for various applications. PhD 2014.

17. Jessica Unthank - Novel dual-action agents for the treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative disorders. PhD 2006.

18. Pushpa Vengidesh - Preparation and characterisation of carboxymethyl cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose hydrogels from sago waste. PhD 2010.

19. Laura Wood - Molecular approaches to the treatment of motor neuron degeneration. PhD 2012.

20. Clint Woodward - Covalent and non-covalent approaches to the construction of multi-porphyrin architectures. PhD 2006.


Honours Students (Completed)

1. Marcia Lee, 1999

2. Vei-Lin Lau, 1999

3. Jacqueline Satchell, 2000 

4. Mark Mulcair, 2000

5. Emmanuel Lygris, 2001

6. Phil Lowenstern, 2002

7. Jessica Unthank, 2002

8. Goya Andric, 2002

9. Trevour Yann, 2003

10. Katrina Lee, 2004

11. Laura O’Dea, 2005

12. Corrine Kluvers, 2006

13. Judith Hierold, 2007

14. Radha Maganti, 2007

15. Yun Liang, 2008

16. Brenton Graystone, 2010

17. Heather Higginbotham, 2010

18. Dale Bucklang, 2010

19. Nicholas Young, 2012 

Visiting Professorship, University Technology Malaysia, 2013-.

Visiting Professorship, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 2014.

Visiting Professorship, Hefei University, 2014-.

Reviewer for all the major chemistry-related scientific journals

Assessor for the Australian Research Council, and other Countries National bodies.